There are a number of horse-riding options that will allow you to ride with wildlife in the beautiful and dramatic landscapes that we visit. You can choose Horseback Safaris ranging from a few hours, to a couple of days and longer.

Tanzania Horse-back Safari
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Some of the best (and most expensive!) horseback safaris in Tanzania are in the Grumeti Reserves in the remote Western corridor of the Serengeti ecosystem. From the high-end luxury lodges & camps here, you can ride out on the plains amongst the abundant resident wildlife of the Reserve. For the serious rider, there are multi-day 'mobile safaris' where you spend 5-6 hours in the saddle daily, and ride from camp to camp. You must be able to canter & gallop out of danger! When the annual Great Migration comes through here around June each year, you have the chance of riding with the massive wildebeest, zebra & gazelle herds. The stables here are state of the art, and second to none!


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Other horse riding safari options centre around the cooler Kilimanjaro region near Arusha, where most safaris begin and/or end. Here you can ride for a couple of hours when staying overnight at one of the wildlife conservancies, or enjoy several rides during your 2 or 3 night stay. Multi-day mobile horse back safari options are also available for the experienced rider.


Horse-riding is also available when staying at one of the properties on the edge of Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

If you would like to add an Equestrian Safari to the beginning or end of your Tanzania Safari, please Enquire now for specific recommendations for you based on your riding level & skills.


Kenya Horse-back Safari
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Kenya has some fantastic horse back safari options for all levels of rider; experienced, intermediate & novice. Options are available in several different areas of Kenya, from the beautiful highlands around Mt Kenya to the shores of Lake Naivasha near Hell's Gate National Park, and on the plains on the edges of the Masai Mara & Chyulu Hills.


For the widest range of horse back safari options, we recommend staying at one of the private conservancies/ ranches in the Laikipia region of Kenya. These include Loisaba, Borana, Sosian, Lewa Downs & Ol Malo Lodge. They have excellent stables with well schooled & trained horses to suit different riding levels. This means that families that don't always ride together can still holiday together!


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From these conservancies & ranches, you can go horse riding for 2 or 3 hours every morning & afternoon. You can also go for game drives instead, where you can search for wildlife such as lions, elephants & endangered black rhinos. Many of the conservancies also offer night game drives, guided nature walks, and some also offer camel rides & treks.


For a more raw experience for the advanced rider, riding from the Chyulu Hills in southern Kenya is a thrill. You can choose from half-day rides all the way through to luxury mobile horse riding safaris.


If you would like to add an Equestrian Safari to the beginning or end of your Kenya Safari, please enquire now for specific recommendations for you based on your riding level & skills.