Wild Galapagos & Amazon

Why the Galapagos & Amazon?  Biodiversity hotspot.  Unique, 'tame' wildlife.  Islands & Jungles.

Here is a selection of our Galapagos Islands & Amazon Jungle adventures in Ecuador.
Of course, there are lots of options & permutations... so contact us to tailor-make a tour just for you.

Why a Galapagos & Amazon Tour?

Wildlife biodiversity hotspot - abundant & endemic wildlife found nowhere else on Earth. Charles Darwin's inspiration.


Close Encounters - rare privilege to see & get close to wildlife with no natural fear of humans. Penguins, land & sea iguanas, red footed boobys, giant tortoises & more!


The Amazon - discover the world's largest tropical forest, and another wildlife biodiversity hotspot: tropical birds, spider & howler monkeys, tapirs, amphibians & reptiles.


Snorkelling, scuba diving, walking - a wildlife safari where you can be active, and get closer to both land animals & marine life.


The Galapagos Islands 

Highlights: Up close & personal with unique wildlife on rugged, remote islands.
Is this for me? For those who want a deep & varied Galapagos Islands experience.


Galapagos Tour Highlights
   Day    Location
  1   Quito

Galapagos Cruise Tour - 

6 Days / 5 Nights +

  3   Galapagos Islands Cruise
  4   Galapagos Islands Cruise
  5   Galapagos Islands Cruise
  6   Galapagos Islands Cruise
  7   Santa Cruz/ Isabela Island
  8   Santa Cruz/ Isabela Island
9   Quito
10   Depart
Safari Highlights

Cruise Galapagos Islands: From Santa Cruz Island to Rabida, Isabela, Fernandina & North Seymour. Explore via: boat, dingy rides, on foot & snorkelling.
Galapagos wildlife: Land iguanas, sea iguanas, sea lion colony, penguins, boobies, shearwaters, frigate birds, stilts, whimbrels, finches, sea turtles, reef sharks, rays, colourful fish life, corals & more.
Snorkelling & Diving
: the nutrient-rich water upwellings make for a fantastic array of life underwater that every diver will want to experience. A different cruise is necessary for scuba diving - ask us for more info.
Santa Cruz Island
: Bachas Beach, exclusive Galapagos Safari Camp.


Detailed Galapagos Tour Itinerary
  Day   Activities & Highlights  
  1   Arrive in Quito & transfer to hotel. Relax & prepare for coming days of adventure. (B)  

Transfer to the airport for your flight to the Galapagos Islands. Arrive Baltra Island and board your Galapagos cruise boat. 


NOTE: The following itinerary is an example of a Galapagos Cruise. We will recommend the best cruise for you depending on your interests, time of year, duration preferred & of course budget.


Cruise to Rabida Island for sea lions, birds & snorkelling. Birds: Galapagos hawks, Large-billed Flycatchers, nine types of finches, brown pelicans.  (B D)

  3   Isabela Island - youngest & largest island in the archipelago. 
Vicente Roca Point - from the boat, look for penguins, Nazca & blue-footed boobies, terns, sea lions. Snorkelling: rays, sea turtles, seahorses, puffer & even sun fish.
Fernandina Island - pristine, dominated by a volcano & lava fields. See unusual flightless cormorants, marine iguanas, penguins & the volcano.  (B L D)
  4   Isabela's Tagus Cove - Enjoy a long hike today, see Darwin volcano & lake plus amazing vistas. More flightless cormorants & penguins here.
Urbina Bay - an exciting trip - see Galapagos' biggest Land Iguanas! Also giant tortoises & hawks. In the water: sea turtles, coral reef, rays, fish.  (B L D)
  5   Elizabeth Bay & Moreno Point - explore by dingy ride, snorkelling & a hike. See a mangrove forest, which is a unique sight in the Galapagos. Spot sea lions, penguins & blue-footed boobies, as well as green sea turtles & reef sharks. 
(B L D)
  6   Puerto Villamil - where native people & wildlife meet. Absorb the local history & culture here, whilst enjoying the white sand beaches, marine iguanas, shore birds, blue-footed boobies.  (B L D)  

Beautiful North Seymour Island - Frigate birds, Galapagos sea lions, blue-footed boobies, both land & marine iguanas. 

Later transfer to Santa Cruz Island (or Isabela Island via speedboat or flight), to your exclusive lodge/ hotel. Here you can explore the highland landscape, the wildlife, and even experience the local culture, including organic coffee farm - the choice is yours!  (B L D)

  8   Visit pristine Garrapatero beach, where white sand meets black lava. See marine iguanas. Watch coastal birds, including penguins, blue-footed boobies, and more. Opportunity for kayaking & mountain biking.  (B L D)  
  9   After a relaxed morning, transfer to the airport for your flight back to Quito. On arrival, transfer to your hotel where you can relax.  (B L D)  
  10   Transfer to the airport for your onward flight home, or continue with one of our other adventures.  (B)  
Galapagos Islands Photos
Luxury Galapagos Tour from only $8,887
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Galapagos Islands & Amazon Tour

Highlights: Galapagos Islands wildlife by sea & Amazon jungle wildlife.
Is this for me? For those that want a diversity of experiences: from islands to jungles.


Galapagos & Amazon Tour Highlights
   Day    Location
  1   Quito

Galapagos Cruise Tour -

5 Days / 4 Nights + 

  3   Galapagos Islands
  4   Galapagos Islands
  5   Galapagos Islands
  6   Quito
  7   Amazon
  8   Amazon
9   Amazon
10   Depart
Safari Highlights

Cruise Galapagos Islands: From Santa Cruz Island to Bartholomew, Santiago, South Plazas, Santa Fe & San Cristobal. Floreana, Isabel & even remote Marchena & Genovesa.
Galapagos wildlife: Land iguanas, sea iguanas, sea lion colony, penguins, boobies, shearwaters, frigate birds, stilts, whimbrels, finches, sea turtles, reef sharks, rays, colourful fish life, corals & more.
Amazon wildlife
: Home to over 500 species of tropical birds, spider & howler monkeys, tapirs, giant otters, variety of amphibians, reptiles & diverse plants.

Galapagos Islands & Amazon Tour Itinerary
  Day   Activities & Highlights  
Arrive in Quito & transfer to hotel. Relax & prepare for coming days of adventure.  


Transfer to the airport for your flight to the Galapagos Islands. Arrive and board your Galapagos cruise boat. 


NOTE: The following itinerary is an example of a Galapagos Cruise. We will recommend the best cruise for you depending on your interests, time of year, duration preferred & of course budget.


Cruise to the Bachas Beach of Santa Cruz Island for an easy introduction to the Galapagos Islands. You may see flamingos, stilts, whimbrels, Sally Lightfoot & hermit crabs & even nesting sea turtles if you're lucky!

  3   Bartholomew Island. Climb to the summit of the extinct volcano with amazing red, orange & black volcanic formations. Chance to see Galapagos penguins, and enjoy fantastic landscapes. Go snorkelling for chance to see colourful fish & reef sharks. Then onward to Santiago Island's Sullivan Bay.  
  4   South Plazas Island. A lava island covered with Opunita cactus. Sea lion colonies, & colourful red & yellow Land Iguanas, as well as Nazca Boobies. On to Santa Fe Island.  
  5   San Cristobal Island.
Witch Hill - Powder white sand & abundant wildlife. Birds include: various Booby birds, finches, mockingbirds, various shore birds. In the ocean: sea turtles, rays, colourful fish, sponge corals.
Pitt Point islet - Booby galore: Nazca, red-footed & blue-footed Boobies. Excellent for snorkelling & scuba diving.
  6   San Cristobal Island. Interpretation centre & Galapaguera. Learn about the Galapagos' natural & human history, & conservation efforts. See Giant tortoises & various land birds.
Fly back to mainland Ecuador to overnight before heading off on your Amazon jungle adventure.
  7   Fly &/or road transfer from Quito to Coca and on to your chosen Amazon jungle lodge. Here you will be surrounded by the sights & sounds of the tropical Amazonian jungle in Cuyabeno National Park.  
  8   Over the next two days, explore the Amazon up close & personal: hiking on foot & canoeing on the river. Chance for nocturnal hikes, and a visit to the parrot clay lick & the canopy tower. Visit with & learn about the culture of the local indigenous tribes people.  
  9   Another day to explore the Amazon rainforest.  
  10   After breakfast, return road &/or flight to Quito, for your onward international flight home.  
Galapagos & Amazon Photos
Luxury Galapagos Islands & Amazon Tour from only $9,395
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Extend your Holiday 

Go on a specialist scuba diving cruise in the Galapagos. 
Or head inland in Ecuador: Visit the Amazon jungle, experience the Andes Mountains from Quito to the cloud forest & the highlands. 
Venture into Peru & go to Machu Picchu.

The options are endless; the choice is yours!   Here are a few ideas:


Amazon Jungle - min 3 nights
Want to explore one of the world's major biodiversity hotspots?
If you chose 10 days in the Galapagos, consider adding an extension to the largest tropical rainforest in the world. Considered by biologists to be one of the world's major biodiversity hotspots. Tropical birds (over 500 species!), spider & howler monkeys, lots of amphibians, reptiles & diverse plants. Meet the local indigenous people. 
Explore by canoe & on foot.
Incl flights, transfers, accommodation, all meals & activities.

From US$ 1,580 pp for 3 nights.


Andes Mountain Experience - min 2 nights
Want a range of experiences; colonial architecture to birding?
The Andes Mountains stretch from northern Ecuador, all the way south into Peru and onwards. In Ecuador, experience Andian life: from colonial architecture in the capital Quito, to birding in the cloud forests, to experiencing indigenous culture & beautiful Haciendas in the mountain countryside.
Incl transfers, accommodation, some meals & activities.

From US$ 990 pp for 2 nights.


Machu Picchu, Peru - min 4 nights
Want to see an ancient city's ruins; an important archeological site? 
Head to Lima, Peru's capital city. Continue to Cusco, once the capital of the Inca Empire, and explore local indigenous markets. From here, explore the Incas' greatest legacy; Machu Picchu. Set at 2,400m, the scenery & views of the Andes Mountains are spectacular from this archeologically important site. 
Incl internal flights, transfers, accommodation, breakfast & dinner.

From US$ 1,950 pp for 4 nights.


Iguazu Falls, Argentina & Brazil - min 3 nights
Want to see one of the world's most impressive waterfalls?
Iguazu Falls (also known as Iguassu, or Iguacu), is one of the world's most impressive water falls; the word 'Iguazu' means 'Big Water' in the native Indian language.  It is wider than Africa's Victoria Falls, and taller than north America's Niagara Falls - Iguaza Falls is over 3km wide, and 78m high, with a network of 275 waterfalls.  You can visit Iguazu Falls from either the Argentinian, or Brazilian side - or both, flying into Buenos Aires (Argentina), onward to Iguazu Falls, then out of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), or vice a versa.

Incl airport transfers, accommodation & breakfast (not including flights).
from US$ 1,550 pp for 3 nights.

Galapagos & Amazon Photos

The long answer:  The world's wildlife & wilderness destinations are often expensive because of strict government controls, high park fees & complex logistics.  Amongst other things, it also depends on accommodation quality, location & exclusivity; what type of vehicles are used; whether you're flying around lots; and how many days you spend in country.


Whatever your budget, we will recommend the best possible adventure to suit you.


  Galapagos Islands 
  Luxury from:  US$ 8,887
  More Luxury from: US$ 10,585
  Galapagos & Amazon
  Luxury from: US$ 9,395
  More Luxury from: US$ 10,985
  Luxury from:  US$ 990
  More Luxury from: US$ 1,550
  Seasonal Pricing  
  Season   Low   High   Peak  
    Seasons shown here are based on accommodation pricing, which is based on holiday seasons.  For wildlife seasons & the best time to go, see our "Seasons" tab.    

Prices based on 2 people travelling, sharing a room.

Choose your own Private Safari or a Small Group - contact us for your tailor-made adventure!


No hidden costs - Guaranteed!  
We include everything possible to make your adventure as easy as possible.


Accommodation & responsible travel

We are strongly committed to the principles of responsible travel, and therefore recommend accommodations that are trying to do the right thing - by the environment, their staff & local communities, and their guests!  Environmental initiatives include using renewable energy such as solar power, using low-impact structures, reducing waste, and recycling wherever possible.  They support their local communities by providing employment as well as educational, medical, and other support; some even include profit-share arrangements. Many have, or support, anti-poaching units to de-snare and protect the wilderness areas within which they operate.


Great, so what's the difference between a luxury vacation and an even more luxurious or exclusive one?

  Luxury   More Luxury & Exclusivity
  High quality cruises & accommodation,
Low-key, focus on wildlife & comfort.
Food & service is of a good standard.
  Smaller, intimate cruises & accommodation,
Highly personalised tours, 
focus on wildlife & superior comfort.
High standards of Guiding, food & service.
  Accommodation featured:   Accommodation featured: 

Majestic Yacht
Natural Paradise Yacht 

Tip Top III Yacht

Tip Top IV Yacht
The Galaxy Motor Yacht
Sani Lodge, Amazon Rainforest
La Selva Jungle Lodge, Amazon Rainforest
Hotel Quito 

Casa Aliso, Quito


Integrity Luxury Motor Yacht
Athala Luxury Catamaran
Ocean Spray Mega Catamaran 
Coromant Catamaran 

Petrel Luxury Catamaran
Napo Wildlife Centre, Amazon Rainforest 

Sacha Lodge, Amazon Rainforest
Hotel Le Parc, Quito
Hotel Plaza Grande, Quito 


We clearly explain what's included & what's not:


Inclusions: All your accommodation, most meals, wildlife viewing, hiking, snorkelling & dingy-based activities from your Cruise boat/ yacht, all internal flights, all airport transfers.


All government taxes, fuel surcharges, Park & Conservancy entrance fees are included and correct as at date of quote. However they are subject to government & local authority imposed changes, often without notice (!) and therefore beyond our control. We will always endeavour to minimise their impact and inform you if a supplement is required.


Exclusions: International airfares to & from your chosen destination. Visa fees, personal & travel insurance, excursions not specified, drinks unless specified, laundry, telephone or internet costs, gratuities, and all other personal expenses. Some Airports now charge safety fees, which are payable directly at each airport upon departure.


Additional things to consider: Busy times of the year normally have a supplement added by the accommodation providers - Easter, Xmas & New Year holidays. These will be included in our costs - so no surprises when you get there!



Ecuador experiences rainy & dry seasons, with each area varying considerably with altitude. The Galapagos is a year-round destination, however the best time to travel depends on your interests, and whether you're also going to the Amazon and/or venturing into the mountains. 


If you're constrained to travelling at a particular time, don't worry: we'll recommend the best places & parks - and the best parts of the parks - to visit at that time.     


If you have specific interests - then you do need to travel at the right time of year, AND to the right destination.


Guide to the seasons & best time to go to the Galapagos Islands & Amazon rainforest in Ecuador:



Galapagos Islands & Coast
December - May is the warmer wet season. Usually sunny days, with afternoon downpours most days. This actually makes for excellent photos & crisp, clear days. For those that get chilly easily, this is a great time to travel! It's also the sea turtle nesting season, and the mating season for land birds. Sea lions mate at the start of the rainy season, and by March-April, their new born pups can be seen. Whilst the snorkelling & diving is more pleasant with calmer & warmer seas, there's not as much to see as during the cooler season when the Humboldt current brings nutrient-rich waters.
June - November is the cooler dry season. It tends to be cool and often overcast/ misty. June - September in particular, the seas tend to be rougher due to the winds, so not ideal if you get sea-sick. However, with the cold Humboldt current bringing nutrient-rich waters from the south, there are more seabirds and fish to see. This is the season to see Albatross, and also the best time to see Galapagos penguins. You have a good chance of seeing the mating rituals of Blue-footed Boobies too.


Amazon Rainforest - the Oriente
December - March are the driest months, when rivers can become impassable due to low river levels.

April - July are the wettest time of year.

On balance, October and November are the best time of year to visit with enough water allowing river travel, and wildlife being relatively easier to spot than during the wet season.
Bear in mind that this is the rainforest, so it can rain at any time!

  Andes Highlands
June - September is the cool, dry season, with generally clearer days. It can get very chilly in the mountains!
October to May is the rainy season, but October & February - April tending to have the highest rainfall. The amount of rainfall is are quite variable depending on where exactly you're going within the highlands.


Whenever you choose to travel, rest assured that when you choose to travel with us, we will advise you of the best locations, seasons and dates for your particular interests.


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