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Are you a nature lover who loves to travel, and want your choices to make a meaningful difference?    ....If so, you've come to the right place!




Why Choose Us?

        • What you get: an incredible wildlife experience, staying at exclusive, private & authentic lodges & camps, with your safety & comfort always a top priority.

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        • Why travel with us: every time you travel with us, you help protect wildlife & habitat, and support local communities.
          By choosing to travel with us, your safari will:
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          • buy a pair of boots for a wildlife ranger in the Okapi Reserve in the DRC.
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          • send a local child on safari so that they can understand, love and ultimately want to protect their own natural heritage.
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          • help protect acres of biodiverse rainforest through creation of national parks and land purchases.

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        • Who we are: a conservation-minded wildlife travel company making a meaningful difference to our planet.

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        •  Carbon Neutral: we offset the carbon emissions from your safari - protecting biodiverse forest in East Africa.

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        •  Everybody wins!



Choose from one of our exciting private wildlife safaris, or join our Founders on an Exploratory Expedition, and let your next holiday make a meaningful difference!


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We are passionate about wildlife, and are constantly searching for the best wildlife experiences with incredible and unique animals & plants in our world's most amazing forests, savannahs, deserts, mountains & oceans.  In our quest, we have travelled to many far-flung destinations, and here we bring you the best, hand-picked experiences that nature has to offer. So come & join us on a Wildlife Adventure!

By choosing to travel with us for your next vacation, you will be contributing to conservation projects in the field, and supporting the protection of national parks and conservancies across Africa, Asia & Latin America.


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Explorer Expeditions

new for 2023

Join our Founders & Conservationists on exciting Exploratory Expeditions - space is strictly limited - and will be dependent on travel restrictions & development of the pandemic.

Our Explorer Expeditions give you a chance to experience some truly unique and out of the way places with the comfort & security of having one of our Founders or Conservationists along with you. Our comfortable expeditions take you to exciting, often pioneering, areas - they are open to any reasonably fit person with a sense of adventure!